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Album of the Month. Dam Funk STFU II


Dam Funk STFU II

Following on from his 2015 release STFU Volume 1. This new composition is like something straight out of a late night radio show in the grips of a heat wave across the Californian airwaves, with the sound of the crickets ticking away in the darkness, to the back drop of the coolest G-Funk / Electronica Synth Soul there is.

This music Dam Funk has produced, is a slick digital journey that just gets you the minute you put it on. The opening track has that G-Funk gangster rap vibe to it but with the synth pads that loop throughout make it a more chilled affair. The whole album is an instrumental work so there are no rappers on here, which make it more appealing for the Electronica listener with a taste for the west coast funk sound.

The second track has a light lead line string over some raw analogue bass-line and the lush pads that flow alongside it keep the vibe flowing, The beats sound slightly off course and that makes the track even more funky. As the piece comes to a final conclusion we are struck by some dreamy piano licks that take it to a whole new level. Synth Soul Funk at its finest.

Track 3 entitled Hood Biz is more notably a harder edged lick with some wavey chords in the background as the bass riffs play out in an unpredictable manner. The occasional 808 cowbell adds to the flavour, which again you could quite easily hear a rapper on top of this. A smooth piece of work by Dam Funk.

Next up is the short interlude track entitled Inhale Exhale which again has the most dreamlike pads worthy of any 1980's American movie.This track should have been longer as it is a pleasure on the ears.

The sixth track called Deeper is a little bit more experimental bordering on Deep Techno House. It has yet again warm Rhodes chords with some lush delays that make it sound like it came out of New York in the early 90's Garage scene, mostly pointing towards the Whistle Song by the late Frankie Knuckles as inspiration. A deep affair which works very well. 

Ladera Heights takes us back down the tempo slider with a real funk lick. Great chords , fancy bass work and a real warm vibe that has all the makings of a mid 80's Jazz Funk outfit. There are some elements of Domino Theory by Weather Report in there for me. those kind of chords that Joe Zawinul would have used. The flow of this track also reminds me of a modern Summer Madness by Kool & the Gang. Very smooth work yet again.

On Code is the finale, and has that whistle styled lead line in there working its way to the centre of the groove. Slamming beats pound in through the licks and the warm pads that he uses are just sublime. You can imagine those early 90's R&B singers working on this. But overall it still keeps its G-Funk vibe. 

There is nothing about this mini album that can be faulted. It has the makings of a future classic and can be put down to Dam Funks genuine love for the synth sound of the 80's. His knowledge for this vibe is second to none and this is a well created album. This is most definitely one you should have playing on your systems as it is the perfect soundtrack for those late hot Summer nights. 

Available at all digital stores on GlydeZone Recordings.

Listen in full below

Album of the Month. Dam Funk STFU II Album of the Month. Dam Funk STFU II Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 01:40 Rating: 5

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