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From The Vaults.Classic House & Techno in Ten Minutes

Create a classic Acid Techno track in under 10 minutes

Recently I have been rediscovering my love for classic Chicago House and Detroit Techno. So I decided to revive this old tutorial I produced back in 2013 for you to take advantage of.
That classic Techno sound has always been a part of my make up ever since I first heard Inner City and Bam Bam back in the late 80s as a teenager. However it has evolved into many different styles and sub genres.

But for me that traditional style has always been the one I truly enjoy. Using 808 and 909 drum hits, combined with those chord pads and PWM string synths, it always creates a magical sound when they are all put together in the right way.

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So I have pulled this one out of the vaults as the sounds in this tutorial will always be the staples of Techno and early House music from Chicago, and ones in which you will never fail to impress when using them in your own productions. 
So please check out this video and see if you can take anything positive from it. Enjoy.

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From The Vaults.Classic House & Techno in Ten Minutes From The Vaults.Classic House & Techno in Ten Minutes Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 01:17 Rating: 5

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