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The Best FREE VST 64 Bit Synths 2018


Finally I have put together a new FREE VST video for 2018. This time I have selected four of the most solid synths out there for you to ponder over. I have chosen the FB-3300 which has some fantastic raw Analogue pre-sets built in with a huge choice of settings that you can alter and tweak to your hearts desire.


Then there is the Deputy-64 MKII  which again has some great strings and pad sounds that are straight out of the 1970's and early 80's. This synth comes with an array of different features and a nice selection of pre-sets to work through.

The Mausynth is a much more up to date sounding synth with its audience slightly more in the EDM and Trance range, but dont let that put you off. Many of these sounds can be altered to fit perfectly into a Funky Disco House record, or a Deep Tech House production. Its all about exploring the possibilities and not limiting your beliefs. 

Then the final synth I check out is the Tunefish, which again is slightly on the darker side, but it has a really cool TB-303 pre-set that can be manipulated to sound just like the real thing. So please check out the video below and see what you think. 

All of the links are embedded within the video description along with the social media links for Waxadisc, so please do follow them. Thanks Rob.

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