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East West Cloud Services For VST


Recently I looked into purchasing a full version of the East West Gold Symphonic VST. This was a few hundred dollars and not the sort of cash I had lying spare for such a delicious piece of carefully created software. I was browsing the site of EW and then found out that they offer a cloud service for all of their synths and samples.

This was a wonderful surprise to me so I looked at the packages they offered and for only $24.99 a month you can download as many plug ins as you need to your PC. You then get the serial codes and as long as you are paying the monthly fee, the synths will work as plug ins in your chosen DAW.

So for someone like me who loves using real sounding strings, I found this a pretty good deal.
So I signed up for it and found a 50 percent code to start off my subscription which was useful.
However I found it to be a little frustrating once I got going.

The synths are mostly huge files, the Strings one was around 43GB and I had to have my PC on all day and all evening to download it. However I had massive problems with this and ended up having to stop the download. Mainly because it would get to 99% and then it would start all over again. This happened twice to me and I have no idea why. The other synths were also long in download time but once I got them I was happy. So bear in mind the download time may be long and may crash at times but they might just be my connection at fault?

There are some great drum packages, and some interesting sample packs by producer Brian Transeau AKA BT. The 90s legendary Progressive Trance producer. The Cello package is excellent also, and has a wide variety of different Cellist techniques added to individual sounds.
The choir samples are breathtaking and have a large vocabulary range to choose from which when played sound as though you have just recorded the real thing in a Cathedral. 

You get around 10k in price value worth of synths and sounds etc, but you must be prepared for a long download time, but it is good value for money. 
You have to use an ILOK system app to connect them to your system but its straight forward and easy to do. So I recommend this if you want authentic sounds and good quality drums and samples.

You can find the link here for the cloud service and the packages they offer.

East West Cloud Services For VST East West Cloud Services For VST Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 05:02 Rating: 5

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