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Roland Juno Tal Uno VST FREE

The Roland Juno is an iconic synth from the early 80's. But to purchase one will set you back around £1000 these days. However for those of you wanting access to this machine, it now comes with a price tag of zero pence.

Those kind people over at the Tal company have created this wonderful replica for you to enjoy.

I have put together a video for you to view and see what different features and pre sets it carries. It is available for both Mac and PC in both 32 and 64 bit versions, so it has been designed with every system in mind.

Please view the video below and find the link on the video description at You Tube.

Roland Juno Tal Uno VST FREE Roland Juno Tal Uno VST FREE Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 02:05 Rating: 5

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