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Free Full Length Disco Boogie Course Ableton

Not so long ago I created a free course for budding producers to have a go at trying to recapture that classic early 80's Boogie sound in Ableton. This course was also uploaded on to my Waxadisc 
You-Tube channel, but I have it all installed on my Udemy page for free. Yes it is completely free to you and everyone else you may wish to share it with. 

The course will give you an extended look at some of the techniques used in the early 1980's for that post Disco sound which was echoing from New York city. You can gain new techniques and knowledge on beat production, or how to play some funky chords right on through to a basic mixing and mastering session. So if you are into the sound of Sam Records or D-Train then check this course out for absolutely free.

Check out the course for free by using this code link. 
over at Udemy.

If you are keen on this course then take a look at the other Disco course I have for sale on here for only £10 for a five sub genre disco course by following this link on the image below. This course takes you on a journey through disco re-edits all the way up to Hi-NRG. So you can grasp a different selection of genres all based around Disco and learn several skills and techniques to enhance your production.

Free Full Length Disco Boogie Course Ableton Free Full Length Disco Boogie Course Ableton Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 05:32 Rating: 5

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