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Create A Jazz Funk Track 70's Style in Ableton

Some years back I created a tutorial for Ableton 8 which highlighted the techniques and the sounds from that glorious era of the 1970's. Those days when Jazz, Soul and Funk musicians came together to create a hybrid of the genres. It was a rather popular tutorial video and I have decided to re-post it here to see if it generates anymore interest.

Using state of the art equipment from that time such as Moog Modular Synths and Arp Odyssey Analogue Synths alongside traditional live instruments, the Jazz Funk groups produced some of the most soulful and experimental Jazz influenced music there ever was. Way before digital technology even existed for musicians, all of the music was done live and was generally improvised. There was something unique and warm about those tracks which just comes out through the music that is both magical and mesmerising.

Take a listen to Kool and the Gang's albums from the early to mid 1970's and you will hear that warmth in their music. Years before the groups musical style evolved into a commercial pop style, they were spear heading the Jazz Funk movement with tremendous force. If you manage to get a CD or vinyl copy, take a look at the liner notes or on the back of the sleeve to read the different synths they used and who played what. You will see they had the finest instruments available at that time.


Summer Madness is one such track. Almost everyone has heard this in some form but to listen to the Melotron strings and that multi octave lead synth you cant help but get taken away by the hypnotic grooves of the track.

Moving on towards today and the digital age in music production and you will hear that those sounds can be recreated quite easily using a few plug in VST synths. In this video below you will see how I played in the chords and how I selected the correct sounds to produce that style.

For example I used the third party plug in by Propellerheads called Reason version 4, which has the most realistic Meltron synth and the perfectly recreated Bootsy Collins bass samples which I was able to replay into Ableton. 


So please continue to the video link below and listen to how I recreated that style from the mid 1970's using today's modern technology. For any further information you may require please contact me. Thanks Rob @ Waxadisc 2018.


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