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The Believers Who Dares I Min Classic House Review

This weeks episode is none other than the all time classic by Roy Davis Jr and his The Believers project. Straight out of New York's legendary label Strictly Rhythm in 1993 this came with four mixes on the 12". The original mix is a sure fire underground club anthem that has an almost relentless hard  driving saxophone and heavy piano riff that just pounds through the mix without any respite. 

Click the video above for the 1 minute review

But for me the ultimate version is the "Just Living High" mix that even still to this day carries more weight than 90% of what is released in the Deep and Soulful house genres. The upright Jazz bass intro is just sublime and leads into the raw Fender Rhodes chords whilst accompanied by those haunting vocals which role off the vocalists tongue and sounds as creepy as a movie trailer narration.

The track was released a year later in the U.K on Ministry of Sound with many more mixes from Tommy D and Roach Motel amongst others but it is definitely the original and the Just Living high mixes that carry the most weight. 

The original US Release 12"

The UK Release 1994

To purchase your copy check the links below at Amazon 


The Believers Who Dares I Min Classic House Review The Believers Who Dares I Min Classic House Review Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 03:36 Rating: 5

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