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Synth Based Disco Movie Theme Tutorial

Hi guys a few years back I produced this tutorial. I felt it could be revived and shown again as it has a nice quality to it.
I wrote this after seeing the Warriors movie for the hundredth time, and thought I could do something similar with that style of Disco with a driving Rock beat feel to it.

Also it is inspired by Faze Action and their huge classic Nu Disco anthem called In The Trees which came out in the mid 90's. It has raw arpeggio driven synths and orchestral plug ins through out whilst maintaining a live four to the floor drum beat backed by a Rhodes Keyboard.

This was produced in Ableton 8 so is slightly out of touch and I also used Propeller heads Reason version 4 which shows its age slightly. The sound has some sort of high pitched noise in the background due to this being one of my first tutorials and using a cheap microphone at the time. So ignore that as best as you can.

Anyway check it out and try and take some inspiration from it for your own work.

Synth Based Disco Movie Theme Tutorial Synth Based Disco Movie Theme Tutorial Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 05:31 Rating: 5

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