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One Minute Classic House Record Reviews January 2018

Having been involved in the dance music industry for 25 years now I felt that it would be a good idea to start passing on some of my knowledge away from the production side and start to discuss classic tracks that helped shaped my musical development and tastes within my record collection.

As any long standing DJ will tell you, it becomes second nature to have the ability to reel off what you know about certain tracks and the artists and labels that are attached to that release.

So I decided to begin a short Vlog about my favourite House and Disco records throughout the years and give you the viewer some inside tips and recommendations on classic records that you may have missed at the time of their initial release date. 

I will however do a few extended reviews of some records, but mostly the theme is going to be short and sweet. I hope you can appreciate the music I select and then I also hope it sends you off on a mission over to You-Tube or Discogs and Ebay in search for some of these fine gems.

You can follow me on this daily at Instagram. Please click the image for the Waxadisc page.

So here are the first three instalments for this month

Enjoy RobJamWeb Jan 2018.

EP 1. Bob Sinclar Paradise Double Album 
1998 Yellow Production Records France 

EP 2 . Black Science Orchestra. Heavy Gospel Morning
Junior Boys Own Records 1995

EP 3. Deep Dish Presents Prana The Dream
Tribal Records 1994

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