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Jamming Riffs With The Tyrell Synth

A short while ago I wrote an article on the Tyrell VST, which to my mind is one of the finest free plug ins you can find on the internet for 64 bit DAW platforms.
The post got a wonderful amount of views and was quite a success in terms of helping people find those classic sounds which were built in for absolutely free, without the hassle of buying old hardware and spending hours and days recreating a sound that is practically on this synth anyway.

So I decided to revisit the synth and do a couple of very short videos playing around with a couple of the sounds in there.

The first sound I quickly played around with was called "HERBIES WET DREAM" 
A rather saucy title but still the sound is so 70's its amazing the accuracy of this pre-set. Check the video below 


Jamming Riffs With The Tyrell Synth Jamming Riffs With The Tyrell Synth Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 06:48 Rating: 5

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