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DJ International Re-issues

One of the original pioneering labels from the birth place of House music have officially announced that they are re-releasing their entire back cat via digital download and streaming.

The iconic DJ International Records label from Chicago will begin the series of classics re-released every Friday from November 2017 until the middle of December. It is unsure whether or not they will get pressed up as 12" vinyl but the series will include all the labels iconic classic hits from the mid 1980's to the early 1990's.

So here are 5 of the labels most prestigious releases that have graced the dance floor over the decades according to Waxadisc. Enjoy.

Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge Its Alright 1987

One of the most simplest of piano riffs but one of the most infectious, this anthem came out in 1987 and was made even more famous as a pop classic when the Pet Shop Boys covered this on their album Introspective a year later and as a top ten UK chart single in 1989.  But here it is in its purest original form. A straight forward number which is just solid soulful House music with a very serious message.

Fingers Inc Mystery of Love 1985

A track that was an anthem in the latter years of David Mancuso's New York Loft parties, This very early House record still today has a most haunting feel to it. With the vocal genius of Robert Owens and the one and only Larry Heard at the production desk, it still has the power to move with its simple beat programming and wobbly synths accompanied with that slick bass line that was sampled by Kanye West in recent years. Is anything sacred? clearly not, but never the less a classic will always be that no matter who rips it off. 

Joe Smooth & Anthony Thomas The Promised Land 1988

Released in 1988 and still sounds so contemporary today. The message it carries still resonates today also about many of the worlds problems. We just dont get messages anymore in House music like we did then. However this track runs deep and has one of the most catchy singalong chorus' ever. Again like Sterling voids Its Alright track, this too was covered by a UK Pop group, namely Paul Wellers The Style Council in 1989, whilst they did it some justice it didn't meet with a great deal of commercial success, but still they gave it a good make over. 

Fast Eddie Yo Yo Get Funky 1988

One of the few Hip House records that still stands tall today. With its beats sampled from Lin Collins Funk staple "Think About" and the use of both the synth riff from Maceo and the Mscks Funk anthem called "Across the Tracks" and the Planet Rock samples from Afrika Bambaatas classic, this Hip House jam reached the UK charts in 1988 and was a minor commercial hit. However it worked its magic across the Acid House scene at that time. A great track with a great rap added to the mix. 

Kenny Jammin Jason Can U Dance 1987

A full on track that had all the elements back in its day. A straight forward cut that even by today's standards sounds as fresh as ever. Solid drums and a great riff that works wonders. This track needs no real review as the music speaks for itself.

The re-issues can be found at this link, So go ahead and check out one the scenes most respected record labels with a catalogue spanning over 30 years.

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