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Five Disco House Tracks that are Forgotten Classics.

Five Disco House Tracks That are Forgotten Classics.

Many years on from the hedonism of the 90's we are still plagued by many poorly compiled albums from various major brands, not mentioning any names, but for those of you who were not there, you have most certainly been fooled into thinking that those records on those albums were what defined a generation and an era. 

These endlessly repetitive albums that have the same old boring anthems on year after year to continuously remind the masses that the 90's were all that and nothing else. Well there was something else. There was a whole lot more. There was a much deeper vibe going off in the underground clubs at that time, Obscure bootlegs and imports from around the world certainly made that possible, and years later I find myself looking through my records and thinking that some of these gems should be brought back into the limelight and remembered for their brilliance.

However a label I will name which has more recently been re-releasing material from back then is Defected Records. They have recently put out  many classic underground jams which have been forgotten by the masses from re-issues by labels like Fourth Floor Records and Sub-Urban Records. These heavy compilations under the 4 to the floor title series and their Glitter box events have given the modern consumer a much deeper insight and a more accurate account of how it was at the time for many DJ's and labels such as myself from that era. So carry on Defected and keep bringing those hidden treasures back from the depths of obscurity.

If I had the ability here at Waxadisc to license records from long ago, I would compile my own series of albums with the finest selection of hidden gems for the modern streaming era to indulge in. My albums would certainly bring many golden anthems back to the surface. However I cant, so I will just have to give you the first in a new series of records via You Tube links that I feel should be remembered and perhaps given a new lease of life for some of you DJ's who missed out on these tracks the first time around. So here are five Disco House records that should not be forgotten. In no particular order here we go.

Vive La Trance - Partners - Move Inc Records - Holland 1994

Around the mid 90's, producers from the Dutch House scene put out many really tough Disco influenced tracks on obscure labels that found their way around the rest of Europe and here in the U.K They always had a more solid thumping sound as opposed to the rest of the world. Label's such as Fresh Fruit and Pegasus Records were leading the way for upbeat Disco House and so when this number came along in 1994 it added to that legacy of good quality European Disco House. A track that sampled the classic anthem "Music" by Al Hudson, which was also sampled in that same year by Chubby Chunks on the U.K based label Cleveland City. Both versions are excellent and have their own vibe but for me this version has a very hypnotic relentless groove that really does combine Progressive Trance with Disco. A track that should be considered a classic in every sense of production for its hybrid of techniques and genre blending.  

Johnny Vicious - TSOP - Theme From Soul Train 
Network Records - 1994

Released on Network Records in Birmingham U.K in 1994 after releasing a string of solid Disco remixes such as Loleatta Holloway and housed up re-edits such as his rendition of the O-Jays classic I Love Music on U.S import. Johnny Vicious had a great run during this period and gave Disco House a much tougher and a more darker side. Using nasty organ riffs and chuggy beats he really captured the essence of raw sample based House music and took it to a new level of toughness. Using the Theme from Soul Train on Philadelphia Records, this track was an absolute floor filler during that year, and one I could not stop playing on my mix tapes and at the clubs I was playing at. Anthem.

Garcons -French Boy The Idjut Boys Remix - Other Records-1997

The Idjut Boys came up with this remix back in 1997 and there are very few if any other tracks from that period to compare it with. Not even any of the tracks on Daft Punks debut album from that same year could even come close to the dirtiness and the absolute gut wrenching twists and turns that come with this remix. Originally released in 1979, this remix just broke all the rules for House music at that time. Its off course, out of sync, has unruly flange effects throughout and is as rough and ready as you can possibly get. This is for me one of those tracks that was way ahead of its time. I can remember buying this when it was released and thinking  that I could not fit it into any of my sets for the clubs I played at. Its too off the wall and too far out there for anything to try and fit it into. A track that is in a league of its own. 

UPI Without Love- Strictly Rhythm Records-1994

A fine example of early loop based Disco House on one of the worlds finest labels. UPI put this three track ep out in 1994 and used the vocal hook from Alicia Myers Boogie Soul classic
 "I Wanna Thank You" which has since been sampled many times over. However this version I am sure was the first in House Music to use it. The vocals come in straight away in a higher pitch than the original, and rides smoothly over some standard 909 kicks and Hi-hats. One of my first introductions to simply produced Disco House which set me off in this direction ever since.

Jordan Fields -Dancin - Red Cat Records -1994

Roughly produced Disco beast by Jordan Fields with executive producer Roy Davis Jr. Using the raw samples from Salsoul classic "The Beat goes on" by Ripple  from 1977, this record just defies the rules and is an all out assault on the senses. The beats are sampled from Todd Terry's Jumpin classic, and is an amazing 12 minutes long but doesn't get tiring at all. Its relentless in its approach and although the production has bedroom studio written all over it, that is what makes it magical and perfectly crafted to become a classic underground Disco House anthem. 

So there you go for the first in a new series of forgotten tracks that are more than worthy of being recognised as classics, you can find vinyl copies on Discogs for a very reasonable price, so take a look. Thanks for reading, RobJamWeb.

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