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Disco Boogie Drum Programming

Programming Authentic Disco Boogie Drums


I recently uploaded a full free course onto You Tube which was all about the early 80's sound of the Disco Boogie era. A time when the traditional style of Disco had almost faded and the Synth had taken centre stage as the main driving force for many recordings from that era of around 1980-83.

However many of those records still used real drummers and the combination of synths amongst those real drums produced some of the finest and most creative cosmic Disco records of all time. So here in this tutorial I decided to try and emulate that era by using real drum hits but also throw in there some electronic Tom sounds as a contrast as digital drums were starting to creep in also.

So in this video I have a whole lesson focused on the drum programming and I hope you can take something from this and add it to your own productions. Enjoy. 

If you enjoyed this lesson for free, why not try and sign up for one of my full 3 hour premium lessons for only £10.00. Just contact me at and talk to me to discuss anything you wish to learn within the Funkier side of Dance Music. Or just click on one the adverts in this blog post.

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