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Rave On With The Generator

 (Free VST Synth That Takes The Hassle Out Of Sampling The Classics)

Ever wanted to have a VST synth that acts like a sampler and gives you all the best Techno & Rave samples all in key and in one bank? then look no further. This has been around for a few years now but I recently revisited this as I was looking to use a sample from the Todd Terry classic sound from Black Riot's anthem "A Day In The Life" I never actually finished the track but it gave me a fresh look at this great synth, and also made me lose about an hour of my time as I immersed myself in classic Rave history.

 Whilst the majority of the sounds that have been compiled on this synth are alot of the European hard Techno/Rave sounds of the early 90's it does however carry some of the most iconic sounds which came from the classic records that made House music what it is today.
On this synth you will find Marshall Jefferson's awesome string sample from "Move Your Body". The Techno staple sound of the Inner City hit "Good Life"  The massive Piano sample lick off "I Like It" by Landlord which was used countless times during the golden era of the U.K Hardcore scene around 1991/92. 

There are the awesome synth samples that were used by Bizarre Inc and Psychotropic, which originates from D.Trains classic. Then there are the more commercial Rave sounds which were used by 2 Unlimited and the T.99 monster anthem "Anasthasia". Some of the samples are perfect for creating that early 90's Drum & Bass with some of sounds such as the "Hype" stab, There's even that little metallic stab sound that Daft Punk used for their classic "Da Funk" This really is a fun synth to play about with and has given me plenty of entertainment, and is well worth it for nostalgic purposes alone.

Check out the video tutorial I have created for this classic stab synth VST and allow yourself to return to the golden era of Rave & Techno, then check this out and have fun.

 Windows in both 32 & 64 bit VST Plug in Click Here

Mac Beta Version link has recently been removed. I will find it again soon when they update the link.

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