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Midnight Hustle

Midnight Riot Presents Hustlers Convention

The Midnight Riot crew strike into 2017 with a blistering album full of cosmic soul and Mid Tempo Electro Funk like hurricane Doris roaring through your dusty town. 16 tracks in total and I will select the stand out tracks starting with a slice of that man from Detroit "Amp Fiddler" and his track "I Got it" With his loose Funk style with smooth vocals throughout whilst playing squelchy resonant bass lines and vibrato synths. This is followed closely by Yam Who's remix of Danny Kanes track "Feelin Me" This for me has a perfect bar vibe feel to it and the occasional Disco strings weaving in and out amongst some slow attacking chord synths. The vocals performed by Jacqui George have that classic mid 80's sound which compliments the song perfectly.

Judge Funk delivers a soaring sweeping dance floor vibe with a raw approach and some heavy synths laden on top of a nice stabbing saw synth with his track entitled "You Got Troubles" 
Frank Virgilio delivers a straight to the point Disco smash called "Lovin" which is a reworking of the classic track from "Arthur Prysock" and his very early Disco smash "When Love is New" from 1976.
Ziggy Phunk hits out with "The One I Luv" which comes straight out of the mid 80s with a slap bass to die for driven by a nicely delayed vocal and lush synths.

Evil Smarty rocks up with a great little re-edit of the classic floor filler by "A Taste of Honey" and their hit "Do It Good" which has some awesome harmonies backed by a melting piano lick and combined synths that melt amongst the beats. Mista Shifta drives home a brilliant Mid Tempo Electro version of The O'Jays classic "For The Love of Money" which just has the 1980's written all over it. A great track which is my personal favourite amongst the entire album. 

Freekwency delivers a track entitled "Just For Two" which is laced in perfectly programmed 808 drum patterns to the back drop of the most warmest synth chords you can dream of with snippets of vocals throughout. 

16 tracks in total on this stunning compilation out at all digital stores around the globe. Treat yourselves to some Disco floor fillers and perfectly created Bar Grooves around at the moment for 2017. 

Available at Juno Download from the 6th March 2017 Here

Midnight Hustle Midnight Hustle Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 04:00 Rating: 5

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