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Aly-Us Follow Me 2017 Remix

As the famous saying goes, if it aint broke, dont try and fix it. However in this case it isn't broke but it has been altered in a positive way paying total respect to the original. Way back in late 1992 Aly-Us released this minimal but very soulful house anthem. A very stripped down affair which pulled on the heart strings with immediate affect. This believe it or not was usually an end of the night anthem for a club I worked at during the Summer of 1993 in Derby, and now some 24 years later it has been given a fresh lick of paint by Erik Hagleton. What he has done is keep the original structure alive and not added any modern techniques to the tune at all other than what sounds like a side chain compression effect to the strings.

He has managed to keep it in perfect shape and just added some brand new beats for the modern dance floor. But a record such as this doesn't need much rendering to get people moving. Once an anthem, always an anthem, The raw strings and that Jazzy Double Bass plucks away so smoothly its impossible to not move to this.
So if you like your House music soulful with a vocal that sings like it really means it with the lyrical content included within the song, then check this out on its original label all these years later which also pleases me that the label Strictly Rhythm is still going almost 30 years since its birth. A great feat in the history of Dance Music.

Aly-Us Follow Me 2017 Rework. Strictly Rhythm Records New York.
Available to Download/Stream 10th March 2017.

Aly-Us Follow Me 2017 Remix Aly-Us Follow Me 2017 Remix Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 03:59 Rating: 5

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