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Charlie – Spacer Woman (Dark Entries) Guest Writer Pete Hully

This review of a timeless Italo classic was written by Pete Hully.

Charlie – Spacer Woman (Dark Entries)
Dark Entries Records had a stellar 2016, with it being a fixture in many ‘end of year’ lists.  Ran by Honey Sound System’s Josh Cheon, the label has a busy but caringly curated release schedule, focusing on Synth-Wave, Post-Punk, Italo-Disco and other sounds that push otherness to the fore. 

Dark Entries’ previous reissues have tended towards the forgotten and the obscure, bringing new audiences to Patrick Cowley’s cosmic experiments and other recordings that might otherwise languish without listeners.  Charlie – Spacer Woman is better known, but no less deserving of a reissue.  Originally released in 1983, it’s a haunting Italo masterpiece that genuinely sounds as though it could’ve been produced by aliens.   

With snares that come on like a slap to the face, a solid blocky bassline and a yearning computerised vocal, Spacer Woman still sounds fierce today.  It might be tempting to dismiss the simple melody as cheesy, but to do so would be to ignore the battle between being magical and awful that’s inherent within the best Italo records, and overlook what it is that makes them so compelling today.

Charlie – Spacer Woman (Dark Entries) Guest Writer Pete Hully Charlie – Spacer Woman (Dark Entries) Guest Writer Pete Hully Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 01:23 Rating: 5

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