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Charlie Brown Superstar Hits a Six

Thunder Jam Records artist Charlie Brown Superstar puts out a rather tasty 6 track E.P that covers all grounds. There are upbeat straight forward Disco House stompers with the track "Keep On" and more percussive flavours with "Chicken Lickin". But for me the two stand out tracks on this release are "Got My Eyes On You" which is a very nice rendition of the classic Stephanie Mills track "What You Gonna Do With My Lovin" from 1979. 

Although this has been used at various times in the past, this version however has been done in an almost hypnotic way using a slice of the vocals and the flute trills as opposed to using the obvious loops, which works very well. 

The second stand out piece for me here also is something I have not heard in a long while. A new rendition of "The Jackson Sisters" and their all time killer "I Believe In Miracles". Using the main lick from the intro and again not using the chorus and taking the Ad Lib vocal section and filtering it up half way through.

So overall 6 tracks of worthy Disco House From Thunder Jam.

To hear the tracks and to purchase them please click Listen 

Charlie Brown Superstar Hits a Six Charlie Brown Superstar Hits a Six Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 02:40 Rating: 5

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