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New Al Kent Compilation

B.B.E Records release yet another highly detailed account of the very early days from New York's Disco scene. The Men In The Glass Booth is a fantastic account of that period in History where the D.J began to be taken seriously as a means of promoting and remixing artists. Complete with unique re-edits from Francois Kervorkian and Walter Gibbons. The vinyl box set comes in two separate editions part a and part b and both look very exciting with 5 discs and a booklet for box a and a poster for box b, but at a price of £60 each its going to be one for the very serious minded of collectors.

Available also on digital download and CD.

Click Here for the Vinyl Box Link

New Al Kent Compilation New Al Kent Compilation Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 05:33 Rating: 5

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