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Free Disco Course. Over Two Hours of Free Content and Resources

Hey everyone. A short while back I created a full two hour course which was solely focused on the early 1980's New York Boogie styles.
Using VST Synths that were from that era such as the Roland Juno-6 for example. The course is available for free below this video advert for my full premium Disco course.

Should you be interested in this free course I have also available another full two hour course that covers 5 different sub genres of Disco for only £10.00 which can be purchased by watchin the onscreen instructions for this video here. 

But for now get yourself learning the New York Boogie styles. at the free videos below.

 Part One Drum Programming

The course begins by inserting the various drum hits into the sequencer and the programming them into a fully fledged beat.

Part Two Inserting VST and Chord playing

Part Two focuses on the installation of the VST plug ins such as the Easy Tauros and the E.S Line.
This lesson also has the chord arrangement tutorials within.


Part Three Arrangement Section One

Begin the Arrangement of the track by starting to layout the beats and the bass line

Part Four Arrangement Continued

Here we reach the middle section of arrangement with adding some riffs and laying out the main body of the music.

Part Five Of The Arrangement Drum Solo

Here we add the drum breakdown solo section with various percussion samples.

Part Six Closing the Arrangement

Here we close the arrangement with the track being completed with the beats coming to an end in a DJ friendly style

Part Seven The Mix Down

Here in this final video we focus on mixing down the individual tracks with the correct eq settings 

Free Disco Course. Over Two Hours of Free Content and Resources Free Disco Course. Over Two Hours of Free Content and Resources Reviewed by Waxadiscmusic on 12:19 Rating: 5

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