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The Best Disco Funk VST Synth For FREE

Hi everyone. The Tyrell VST Synth is possibly on of the finest freebies I have ever come across.
I currently use it for my live performances within Ableton Version 9 for my jamming sessions.
Now if you are looking for a Synth that has some of the finest Funk and Disco Pre-sets then look no further.

I highly recommend you check this out and because its free, this is an absolute must for any Disco House producer. There are a few sounds that are actually close to the originals from back in the day.
One sound is called Herbie's Wet Dream and with a little bit of fine tweaking you can actually recreate that classic fat squelchy sound as used by Fred Wesley on his monster anthem "Blow Your Head"

The bass synth pre-sets are also excellent and reminiscent of the early 1980's Electro Boogie styles.
You can find them in the files under the name Boogie Bass, and there are around 5 different ones that can be fine tuned to your specifications.

Also there is a sound call the Funk Lead, which again by just altering the cut off and the resonance you can get the sound that is almost a replica of the lead line which is used in Larry Levans version of "Make it Last Forever" by "Inner Life" on Salsoul Records.
 Amongst the many pre-sets there is literally something for every kind of producer ranging from Trance, Disco all the way through to Ambient. I highly recommend you grab it today.

Check Out The Video Demo Below

Here is the download link for both Mac & P.C. Available in 32 & 64 Bit.

The Best Disco Funk VST Synth For FREE The Best Disco Funk VST Synth For FREE Reviewed by Waxadisc Music on 15:28 Rating: 5

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