Free Ableton Live 8 Nu -Disco Sketch template for ideas

Hi everyone here is a link for a short demo I have made that has chords and bassline and a couple of beats for a nice Nu-Disco track that can be used by you in anyway you wish. Its a new series Im doing where I am giving away the many unfinished track ideas on my hard drive to see if anyone else can make something out of them.

The link is below

Nu-Disco Sketch Template for Ableton Live 8 

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  1. hey rob,
    wanted to order your course - Templates etc and infos - would need the link by tomorrow
    as I will be meeting with a friend who has paypal - I don't have paypal
    pretty living in cologne germany....
    some more infos on some of those free synths, for trance, pop, r+b etc - am on Ableton live9
    and maybe some tricks and info on = using a bought Template into my song using it's
    chains and effects and risers - how to save parts etc......


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